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Hi! This game is part of my bachelor thesis. I developed the same game twice (my own spin of Night Shift by Puppet Combo) with 2 different aesthetics to gather information about the visuals' influence in the game's objective: scare the player (thats you! (hopefully)).

If you could play it, and answer a short survey about it it would help me a lot!

Link to the survey -> https://www.survio.com/survey/d/F6P1Y4V6K6I5H7Z5P

(Please note that these are both the same game with different visuals and some essential mechanics)

(The realistic version could be slow if your computer is not videogame oriented)

Music by Stevia Sphere

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
Tags3D, Cute, First-Person, Horror, Photorealistic, Psychological Horror, puppetcombo, Third Person, Unity


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Nice remake !

I really enjoyed it.

I did bug out a lot though and had 2 game-breaking glitches happen back to back.

Great work, I tried the realistic looking version and it looked and ran amazing on my pc. Keep it up!

hey hombre , soy brian es un placer

le hice un gameplay a tu videojuego  ME ENCANTOOOOOO , excelente juegooooo 

espero que lo disfrutes y sigue asiii c : 

how do you open the game


nice game and verygood detail, in the last one thats make me little jump hahaha

While the premise of the game was good, I just had so, so, so many issues with it. It might have been my fault but it took ages for anything to happen and stuff just didn't work properly and broke or glitched a lot. Glitches and bugs aside, it was not a bad game and there were definitely some creepy vibes there.

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Hello, when I try to open the TFG Realista, it just crashes. 

Also tried reinstalling and re-extracting.

This was awesome! I haven't played the original Night Shift by Puppet Combo yet but this actually peaked my interest! Liked the interactions between the characters as well! Overall it was really well made!

PS. There was a minor issue with the door by the register. It opened the other way and I got stuck. So had to restart the game. Everything else was just fine! 

Hola, cuando descargo el juego me sale archibo dañado o algo asi alguien me puede como solucionar eso, Gracias.

This game gave me some good spooks! Mind checking out my video about the game? 


good game


I am having problems trying to open it. Could someone please help.


yea, what is your problem?

did you install the unity crash handler?

i really thought you did a great job! i wish we could of got more after what all transpired but i loved it andso did my community! thank you 

Hey is there option to change graphics?


Last GAme I played at 45:18. I think I didn't get to the spooky stuff

Great Remake really enjoyed it. Weirdly it ran slow on my pc when games at max quality usually don't. Hope to see more games from you!

my game didnt have this problem, not sure what happened ma

How do I use the mac version?

Nice game


Hey! I have been seeing some popular YouTubers playing this game and I do like the background music! I am aware that it is written by Stevia sphere but I cant find the actual song/songs that are playing. Do you happen to remember what they are called?


Mallsoft is alive - Elevator Relaxation Tapes 4 (The End)

Dolphin - hammock

Polar Bears - hammock

Relaxing in the hammock - hammock

Last beach party of the summer - pool water blue

Ocean waves square waves - pool water blue


Oh man, I loved this game. It was scary, but also had a comedic twist I enjoyed a ton! So good! Keep up the amazing work!!

thank you for the video and comment!!

so when I opened the game and I chose the lighter one I’m stuck on a blue screen and can’t play the game 

yikes I dont really know how to fix that, I'll try to find the bug!


Very cool, made me jump.

thank you so much!

bro you got the jumpscare? wow lucky

yeah, seemed to work well for me.

i saw the lady and went to check the cameras and my screen just turned black lo

oh that sucks, it happens though. 

What do I use to open the game?

winrar to unzip the archive and then double click on LauncherTFG.exe

Deleted 1 year ago

whoops never seen that before, I'll try to fix it! thanks!

hi! does this have jumpscares?

it does, not many tho!

ohh, thank you! i will try the game!

amazing game!!!



Excellent. That jumpscare....omg

thank you por playing!!


Thank you for this game! Made me laugh, gave me the creeps and I was not expecting that jump scare lol

thanks for the video!!☺️

It was my pleasure. Awesome game ☺️

I accidentally skipped to the part where you said "coffee please" and I thought you called me out on something lmao

😂 nuts!

This is alreet this game you know



Qué mal lo he pasado, y eso que he empezado por el de estética cute 😅

Muy buen trabajo!


muchísimas gracias por jugarlos Luis! ☺️☺️☺️


This is such a nice homage to the original! I like that you added a few original spins on the game, and I even got a few laughs out seeing how the NPCs interacted with the environment. And that jumpscare REALLY got me. Overall this was really enjoyable, great work!
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Thank you for making a video on my game! I'm really glad you enjoyed it😊

Great Job! This game was a well done remake of one of my fav devs games and you did a great job!

That's really good to hear! Thank you for your video😄


Nice and sometimes scary. Keep it up

Thank you!🥰

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How do you open the game?

I downloaded the game and it wont open  

(I'm on PC btw)

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You have to double click LauncherTFG.exe and it should open

You have to extract the compressed file then you click on the launcher to play


this game is valid 💯🔥 caught me by surprise how good it was. You talented bruh, keep it up 

damn! thank you man! 🥺 


I recommend you play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!!

This game surprised me. I went in thinking it will be a short game with not much to offer but I was dead wrong. The game has a story and an objective to do. It reminded me of a game called The Convenience Store. It starts harmless with just doing the job but you meet people and the jumpscare ohhhh boy that got me good. 
Dev please make a sequel I would love to try it.

WOW thank you so much for this review! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, you made my day! :D

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Hello, I played this game and I liked it, that old women is pretty scary, although I was getting stuck in some places and doors a lot, I also tried the other game but it was too buggy so I couldn't finish it, over all I enjoyed it, good work :)

thanks for playing! Yeah, I didn't have much time to test the second game and fix some bugs because I needed to release it ASAP, but I'll come around to it when I have some free time!

Thanks for letting me know!


This is pretty damn good, honestly. It's a really fun remake. And that ending kinda scared the crap out of me, haha. Thanks!

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thank you for playing, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :D

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